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Ijamsville, MD Results

April 20th, 2011 Comments off

The results are in.

Travis and Logan were 1 point apart in the champ class with Logan taking 1st place.  JJ got his work day in while he waits for his new ride to arrive.

In expert class Nick Mantzoros proved that spending a year on a Vespa riding trials did wonders for his technique.  Nick handily won the expert class by 15 points.  I wonder what happened to Hunter to make him DNF.  2nd place was a battle between Terry and Nick Fonzi with another 1 point separation.

Sr. Expert
All the sr. expert riders seemed to have close match ups.  1st and 2nd place tied with Steve Krouse winning the tie break.  3rd and 4th tied with Steve Mongold winning the tie break.

There was a heated battle in advanced class where Brian Stull had to battle himself for the top spot.  He barely pulled off the win in the end.  See the full list of results below.

Senior A
Scott Muthler finished first in Senior A by a 7 point margin.  There was a close battle for 2nd finding 2 riders tied and one rider 1 point away as Dave Weaver taking the spot.

Brent Riggle beat out 7 riders to take 1st place in intermediate.  Followed close behind was Colton Weaver who took the same place as his father.

Senior 55
Jim Fox out scored himself to take the top spot with 13 points.

Senior 45
4 riders competed in the Senior 45 class where Scott Houser finished 1st with a wopping 3 points.

Senior 35
Ron Snider took the senior 35 class with 8 points with Joe Brumgard just a little behind him in third place with 96 points.  I am not sure if the sections were too easy or too hard based on the points from that class.

Ryan Long took 1st with 22 points and Jen Mantzoros took 3rd with 51 points.

Rodney Wheeler took 1st with 49 points.  Followed in 3rd place by Brandon Wheeler with 70 points.  Rodney Wheeler Sr finished 4th with 81 points.  It is great to see the whole family come out to ride.

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