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D6Trials Riders on the Podium at the Ohio National

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AMA Racer of the Year awards

November 26th, 2013 Comments off

Three of our NATC riders have been nominated for the AMA Racer of the Year awards! Pat Smage has been nominated for Pro Rider of the Year, Andrew Putt for Youth Racer of the Year and Quinn Wentzel for Grand National Racer of the Year. If you are an AMA member, they would really appreciate it if you could vote for them at the following link before December 1st. You just need to have your AMA number to vote. Also, if you know other Trials (or non-trials!) AMA members that you could get to vote, it would be appreciated. It would be great to see some trials people get recognized!

See you in sections
~The NATC Mototrials team

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2012 NATC Mototrials Schedule

October 24th, 2011 Comments off

2012 NATC Mototrials Schedule

May 19, 20–Cahuilla, CA
May 26, 27–Tucker Ranch, CO
June 16, 17–Toronto, OH
June 23, 24–Exeter, RI

Eastern Youth National–July 6-8–TTC
Western Youth National–July 20-22–Turkey Rock, CO

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2011 D6 Trials National Finishes

July 2nd, 2011 Comments off

2011 National Rankings for D-6 Trials Riders.  Great job everyone!  Thanks to Josh Packard for putting this together.

Logan Bolopue 1
Jay Gregorowicz 7
Travis Fox 10

Nick Mantzoros 10

Nick Fonzi 1
Hunter Weaver 2
Brian Stull 5

Kenny Riggle 4
Colton Weaver 5

Jon Michael Minteer 2
Scott Merrick 10
Josh Packard 12

SR 35
Marc Brooks 2
Steve Krouse 4

SR 40
Terry Anselmo 1
Steve Mongold 3
Julian Hall 9

SR 45
Mike Young 8

SR 50
Dave Diehl 3
Chris Hoffmeister 5

SR 60
Nils Mantzoros 2

John Banzhaf 7

James Stewart 4
Ron Snider 10
Jay Eshelman 15
Ryan Long 23
Mike Hightman 25
Lance Budinger 37
Rich Wallace 39
Henry Hall 41

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NATC Trials Checker Training Video

May 3rd, 2011 Comments off

2011 AMA/NATC Moto Trials National Championship Series

March 15th, 2011 Comments off

Enter Now!

Info courtesy of
Article by BRIAN BEHLING, ON MARCH 8TH, 2011

Hey everybody, the entry form is up and the NATC Entry site is ready for you to sign up now!

Sign up using the pdf of the entry form on our Rider Information page. Or signup using the online registration form on the NATC entry website.

Either way, it’s time to dust off/thaw out your riding boots and enter the first round at Texas!  Hope to see everyone there!

Also, let’s give our good friend Howard Galbreath a big thanks for the National Poster, below!

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Flashback – Bodines 1987

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2010 Rhode Island National Pics (104)

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2010 New York National Pics (219)

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NATC Results from CO

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