2010 Rules

October 3rd, 2014

2010 D-6 Trials Rules

Observed Trials is the successful negotiation of a marked course while accumulating the least number of points.  Here are D-6 Sports Association policies and rider rules for all Observed Trials Competitors to know and understand.

Points Paying Classes:

  • Champ-will ride expert sections with or without splits
  • Expert-will ride expert sections with or without splits
  • Advanced-will ride 3 advanced and 3 experts with no splits
  • Intermediate-will ride 3 easy advanced and 3 hard novice with no splits
  • Novice-will ride novice lines
  • Beginner-will ride 3 easy novice and 3 expert with beginner starts and finishes
  • Senior Expert-35 or older and will ride Advanced lines
  • Senior “A”-a rider 35 or older and will ride intermediate lines
  • Senior “35”- rider will ride novice lines
  • Senior “45”- rider will ride novice lines
  • Super senior-“55” rider will ride novice lines

Progressive Classes are Beginner, Novice, and Intermediate

Non-Progressive Classes are Advanced, Expert classes, and all senior classes

Sportsman-can ride any class but receive no trophy or points for that event

Rider Advancement-If a rider reaches the advancement number of points, (which is 8 points per event; (excluding 1 work day and 1 throw out event) he will have to move up in the next class event. If a rider advances mid-season, the rider will lose all points from the lower class and start out with a zero score for the higher class.  If the system moves a rider his points from the higher class will go for award in previous class.

Riders who have been inactive for two or more seasons may apply for a change in class status.  (A) Each case will be looked into and evaluated before any class change is allowed.  (B) If a rider is allowed to move back and dominates this class, the chairperson with the help of the representative has the right to move them up a class.   (C) A rider must tell chairman before any moves or points do not count.  Senior classes are determined by age and riders ability.

Trophies are awarded to the rider who has accumulated the most points within the points season.  To qualify for a season award the rider must work one event during the point season. A rider is eligible for only one award per season. Unbreakable seasonal points ties will be broken by the most 1st and 2nd place finishes, etc. Year end exact scores will be broken by the rider’s total score for the year in each event that they competed against each other with the lowest score winning.  (Total points and award eligibility will be determined by the point’s chairman and referee)

Scoring: 0-1-2-3-5-10

5 for out of bounds, dismounts or displacement of markers and backing up. 10 points for failure to report to a section.

Points for the day:

15-1st 12-2nd 10-3rd 8-4th 6-5th 5-6th 4-7th 3-8th 2-9th 1-10th

  • A Dab- Any contact between the rider and the ground usually made with the foot while the motorcycle is moving.  Dabs can also be contact by any other part of the body with rocks, trees, ect.  Dabs are counted individually up to 3.
  • A Stop-We will use NATC rules (Stops and sideways movements in a section will not be penalized) backups are a 5 point penalty
  • Dismount-Both legs on one side of the motorcycle or rear axle in front of the rider
  • Out of Bounds-Only one bike length (6 feet) between flags of the same color is allowed.  Out of bounds is determined by the position of the motorcycle at the discretion of the checker.  Aerials over flags are allowed.  Out of bounds is 5 points.
  • Displacement of Markers-Any disturbance of markers with the machine, or rider, requiring that they be reset.  Touching a boundary is NOT a disturbance.  Displacement of a marker is 5 points.
  • Other penalties-A rider may report to the checker and receive a 5 for that section even though the rider does not attempt that section
  • Tie Scores-In cases of a tie score; the rider with the most 0-1-2-3-5 will be declared the winner, and so on.  If dabs are the same, a ride off will determine the winner.

It is advised that checkers not be changed during the event

  • Stadium Trials-Stadium Trials are acceptable as points accumulating events.  Rules may be altered for the lack of space in the stadium

Number System:

Observed Trials numbers are assigned by the District 6 Trials Chairperson based on the riders finishing position during the previous points season.  Only front number plates are required for Trials.  It is MANDATORY that your CLASS and Number be displayed on this plate.  Number and letter size should be 2 to 3 inches in height.

  • Sections­ are to be clearly marked for the rider.  Flags shall be placed in the general line of sight of the rider, no less than 15 inches from the ground and no higher than 36 inches.  Minimum width of the section should be 4 feet.
  • Flags are to be of 2 distinctly different colors.  Red always to be used for the right hand marker and blue to be used for the left hand marker.  The course must not contain impossible turns, accents, descents, or be too hazardous.
  • Each observed section must have section Start and section End signs in their respective positions.  These start and end signs should be placed at least 4 feet apart and square to the path of the section where practical.
  • Sections are to be separately numbered.  The number must be posted at the start of each section.  Riders are instructed to ride them in consecutive order only.
  • No section may be ridden more than once per loop of the course.  Competitors will ride only their designated sections.

The number of sections and number of loops must be announced before the start of each event.  No section shall be included which cannot be test ridden a minimum of 3 times by either the representative or a designer to determine the deterioration or whether changes will not tender the section dangerous to the rider.

No section may be altered during the course of the event until each competitor has had equal number of tries at that section, or no scores will be recorded for that section.  No section may be closed, altered, or deleted without the express consent of the course representative.

Scoring shall start when the front axle passes the start marker, and shall end when the front axle passes the end marker. (Front axle in, front axle out)  The checking official at each section must be stationed so that the entire section is plainly visible. If the character of the section is such that more than one checker is required, penalties will be called by the checker at the end of the section. Also at the end of the section, the rider shall acknowledge his score to be correct. If not tell the checker to note for referee to check the same.

This is the rider’s responsibility.


A reasonable time limit shall be set by the promoting club so as to discourage lagging behind by any rider.  Stipulated time may not be changed (minimum time limit of 4 hours).  The scorecard must be in the scorer’s possession at the designated cut off time.  An official clock must be displayed.

Cut off time should be posted at the location of the rider meeting. Checkers will leave sections at the appointed time.  Any rider with an incomplete score will receive a maximum of 10 points for the remaining rides.  Riders at the section at cut off time will be checked.  Any rider completing at least half of their last loop will be scored 10 points for each remaining section.  Any rider Not completing at least half of their last loop will be considered a DNF (Did Not Finish).

  • Original score sheets and punch cards must be available for at least one half hour after the final results are posted.


Trials riders must wear a helmet with chin strap fastened

Once a rider has taken a motorcycle into a section and has been officially scored, he must continue the rest of the trials on that motorcycle.  Handlebars, sparkplugs, cables, ect. May be replaced; but the motorcycle must remain initially the same.


Riders must not cross their own path in a section. If a rider is severely distracted or his line is blocked by spectators or other riders, he may claim a balk.  At the discretion of the checker and/or the course marshal, a re-ride of the section may be permitted.

Competitors are reminded that “butting in line” and arguing abusively with the checker or club officials is considered unsportsmanlike conduct, and could be penalized 10 to 100 points or disqualified.

Riders may not cut the loop or ride it backwards, except for a medical emergency.  Any cutting or riding the loop backwards is grounds for disqualification.  Report rider’s # to any chairman or club representative.

Practice in any of the sections before or during the event is strictly prohibited and will result in exclusion.  Only when the event is over or time limit expired may a section be practiced.  Violations need to be reported to event officials.

One mandatory work day and one throw out event (or no points awarded for the 2009 riding season).

Any rider who fails to abide by these rules and policies or conducts themselves in an unsportsmanlike manner can be disqualified from the event or charged 10 to 100 points on their score.

The District 6 Sports Association seasons runs from December 1 to November 30.  District 6 numbers are in effect January 1 to December 31 of the present year.


Riders will have to submit protests in writing along with a required AMA fee to the club referee within 30 minutes after the final results are posted.


To compete, you MUST show both a current AMA and District 6 cards at sign-up.

EVENT OFFICIAL must check for D-6 and AMA current cards at sign up! Or the rider will not be allowed to sign up or ride the day’s event.

Event officials are as follows: Trials Chairperson and Club Referee.  The club referee is the principal officer. Point’s Chairperson will assist club referee in decisions with regards to District 6 rules.

Club Referee:

Tricky Trialers—Miles Seachrist

Xtra—Dave Diehl

Candy Town—Kevin Higgins

PTR—Bob Howard

Tri State—Dave Carl

White Rose—Sunny Dietz

Durty Dabbers—Dave Weaver

Observed Trials Point’s and Numbers Chairperson:

Terry Anselmo

PO Box 5

New Berlin, Pa. 17855



*****All Inclusive Club Rules*****


If this person happens to be a rider they will not be permitted to ride in that day’s event.