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2012 Candytown 2 Day Pictures and Event

May 16th, 2012

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Thank you again for your coverage of the 50th Anniversary of  Candytown Motorcycle Club Trials event. I’ve compiled a list of 1st place winners for each day in each class. I believe 86 contestants registered for the two day event.

Saturday 5/12/12

Champ: Jerome Gregorowicz              Expert: Hunter Weaver         Advance:  John Minteer        Intermediate: Dana Winter  

Novice:   Matt Walker                        Beginner: Ian Hess                Senior Expert: Marc Brooks  Senior A: NilesMantzoras

Senior 35: Dan Horengics                   Senior 45: Dave Smith          Senior 55: Jim Fox               Youth: Jordon Shuey

Sunday 5/13/12

Champ: Jerome Gregorowicz             Expert: Hunter Weaver         Advance: John Minteer          Intermediate: Tim Pullman

Novice: Matt Walker                         Beginner: Mike Hess             Senior Expert: Steve Mongold  Senior A: NilesMantzoras

Senior 45: Scott Houser                     Senior 55: Jim Fox                                                             Youth: Jordon Shuey

You can use these results in part or its entirety at your discretion.

Thanks Again,
Mark Morton ( your chauffeur for the day)

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